Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tua Holiday Wish

If I could see 1 change in the new Codex:

Pathfinders with Jet Packs. No dedicated Transport, just jet packs. If we can strap a jet pack to a Frisbee, we can give them to Pathfinders.

If I could change 2 things.
Pathfinder Jet Packs and more weapon selection on Troops.

#3 Pathfinders as Troops

New Chaos Bat Rep

"Look Rise, Chaos." Skippy the Firewarrior said.
"Seriously? Again? It's the third time in a row." Sha'so Z'ro replied.

Not much to say.
He fielded 4 Land Raiders, 1 Predator, 1 Rhino.
3 Termies in 2 of the Land Raiders and 3 Squads of Chaos Marines.

Tau go First
Turn 1) 4 Land Raiders and 1 Predator vanish in a haze of railguns.
Turn 2-5) Moping up.
I lost 1 Piranha and tabled him.