Friday, September 7, 2012

Tau 6e Winning List

I've gotten requests to share what I'm running.  You need to ultimately tailor the list to how you play but here's the high view of it.

Ultimately it's nothing special.

Seriously 6 squads of 12 or 11 or if you have the points 5 Squads of 12 and one giant squad of Kroot to annoy, distract or  general make a nuisance of themselves.  The Kroot will die, but it's better to have the fire focused on them instead of the Broadsides.

And Broadsides.  All your heavy support should be Broadsides.  Yes, the Skyray, Hammerhead/Ionhead looks amazingly cool, it's a futuristic space tank!  But it's just so bad by comparison to twinlinked.

Why so many Firewarriors?
60 to 72 Firewarriors are pumping out 60 to 144 shots per turn.
These shots cut through Guard, Orks, some tyranids and a few Dark Eldar as well as wounding on 2 vs some of those armies.  Vs Power Armor they're wounding on 3.  That's a lot of forced saves.

It's victory by overwhelming fire power that comes with having among the farthest firing range available.

Also, you've a pile of troops to hold objectives.

Go Forth And Win For the Great Good of Our Space Buddist Robot Overlords!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tau in 6th Edition

Back from the Battleground Invitational.

Wow, according to the internet the Tau is the 2nd worst Codex out there.
The only thing that sucks worse is Sister of Battle.

Somehow I just won a second tournament with them.
Suck it Internet!