Saturday, April 16, 2011

Doubles Bat Rep Blood Angels and Tau

Game 1 vs. Blood Angels and Guard

These guys were playing kind of a theme thing with Flyers. 2
Vendettas and 2 Stormravens. Main objective was a modified victory
points. You get 10 points for each player you take 500+ points from.
We had 500 from each after our second round of shooting. After 5
turns my partner had given up 455, and I lost whatever 70 points for Kroot. So yeah. Thnx for max points.

Game 2 vs. Dark Eldar and Guard
4 Objectives (objectives in your own DZ worth 2, in your opponent's
worth 8) This game went really bad for us the first 2-3 turns. When
Guard and Dark Eldar go first it is an uphill battle. Lost most of BA
honor guard and all transports were immobilized or stunned after the
first turn. Tau aren't mobile, so there was just no getting through
the eldar to get their objectives. Also they picked great terrain
with the first time. Considering we had no control over these factors
and that they pummeled us with shooting and some devastating turn 2
assaults from 2 squads of DE with 10 power weapons each, I was shocked
we turned things around.

The turning point was the Tau surviving assaults for over a round,
bogging down the DE for a full turn and not dying until it was the
opponents next assault phase. This allowed us to get crisis suits,
fire warriors and sternguard into a position where we could slaughter
everything they had in our deployment zone that was not engaged during
the first round, then slaughter the DE right after they won the close

We ended up holding our objectives and they held theirs. We ended up
winning the secondary, which was kill points.

memorable moments. Mephiston flies across the board with fire chicken
wings into a mob of 30 guard infantry and inflicts 6
wounds...leadership failed, swept, wait for him to take 30 models off

Game 3 vs. Dark Eldar and Daemons

Modified Quarters, kill points were secondary

While the last game we were fighting the board and going second more
than our opponents, this game was all about facing off two very good
players. Same duo that won the first doubles tourney at the FLGS I believe,
and one of the two guys we played against in the last doubles.

Again we have to go second. Daemons get the good wave, but some
pretty lousy scattering for him. DE stay back in their 5 or 6
skimmers and just pick things off with lances. We castled up a
corner giving us space behind our ranks to fall back into from the

We smashed the crap out of the daemons as they came down, but they
managed to do their job by keeping us boxed in and wiping out most of
the blood angel meat wall. At this point we discovered
a very fundamental whole in our list. Our long range guns are also
our anti monstrous creature guns. With all of our rail gun shots
blasting the daemon prince and 2 groups of bloodcrushers, we didn't
have anything shooting at the 3 raiders and 2 ravagers that were
picking away at us the whole time. By the time we mopped up the
daemons we did not have the mobility or strength to hold a second
quarter or to try and contest a third. The game ended with them
having 2 quarters easily held, 1 contested and we had another.

This game was a slug fest and fun despite the loss. BA had nothing on
the table on turn 6. The daemon player had 2 troops units left. I
had plenty to hold our quarter and we could contest with a
transport, but the dark eldar player had most of his army still in
transports on the board. I like this kind of loss (if I have to like
any kind), because I think we played well, the dice were pretty
average, and the only mistake was the composition of our army.

Overall: Another great Battleground Games event.