Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tau and Space Wolves Allies @ 1850

The Tau shooting was doing great.  But against Marines, it needed more AP3.
Plasma Suits are point inefficient and require up-close and personal engagement and Markerlight Support to be useful.  Enter Space Marines!  Specifically the Space Wolves as their Psychic Powers are the most shooty!

ShadowSun and the Ethereal mean the army stays on the board and it has 8 scoring units!
Any feedback is welcome!

List Tau-Marine Hybrid 1850

HQ 1
1 Shadowsun

HQ 2  
Ethereal with 9 man Firewarrior Squad

Aegis Defence Line
 Quad Gun

Squad 1 11 FireWarriors
Squad 2 11 FireWarriors
Squad 3 11 FireWarriors
Squad 4 11 FireWarriors
Squad 5 11 FireWarriors
Squad 6 11 FireWarriors

Fast Attack 16 Pathfinders
 Devilfish w/ Disruption Pod

Heavy 1
Broadside W Targeting Array
Broadside W Targeting Array
HWBSF + HWDC + 1 Shield Drones

Heavy 2
Broadside W Targeting Array
Broadside W Targeting Array
HWBSF + HWDC + 1 Shield Drones

Space Wolves
Rune Priest with:, Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf
5 Grey Hunters
Long Fangs with 4 Plasma Cannon

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WIP Iron Hand Apothecary

Picked up the GW apothecary.
It's extremely lackluster.
And I decided, old Gundam John can do better.

It's Mad-Scientist meets Surgeon.

Instead of a normal Chain Sword or Chain Axe it has a circular saw arm great for operating or melee!
I sliced off the heat vents from the backpack and replaced it with a drill on one side as 41st Millennium surgery isn't delicate and it has a nice "Repo" feel.  For the monitor/sensor I used a Target Lock from the Tau empire.  The other arm is magnetized.

Now to think about the legs and find an appropriate head.
Any ideas?

Tau Expansion: Allies


In 6e, the Tau Codex is rocking.

But it suffers from Older Codex-itis at high point levels.
Though by high point I mean over 1500 but below true 2000.

I've posted my list building else prior, so here's what I'm using for allies:

Codex Shopped Vanilla Marines, Blood Angels, Eldar, Dark Angels and finally came to Space Wolves.

Why Space Wolves?
Aside from being 1 point cheaper than their brethern they have great heavy support.

Madness you may cry from behind your keyboard, Tau have amazing Heavy Support!

Kind of.  Hammerheads are now good with a 2+ save but with the wane of mech on the table everyone wants to burst their melta all over my armor 13.

Broadsides are still amazing, 10/1 will never be bad.  In 5e I packed everyone I owned into a list.
But after they Demech your opponent or blast the Land Raider or Monolith back to the Craftworld, they're really expensive snipers with 1 shot each.  The Hammerhead's pie plate is better but not twinlinked.

I've scaled down from 3 squads of 2 because there is just less armor to nuke. 

What Tau are lacking in a point efficent manner is MeQ killing power.

Plasma-Flamer or Plasma Missile suits are great, but for the plasma to be effective you need to be up closer than you want.

64 Points per 2 shots of Plasma for a Crisis Suit @ 12 inches away.

That's expensive.  Which is Why Space Wolves!

Cause they can take Plasma Cannons in a Dev Squad.
Also a Librarian with Jaws of the World Wolf and Living Lightning.

So instead of taking an ally that can give me assault protection, I'm taking an ally for more shooting.

Hail Beserker Space Viking Werewolves!