Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kroot Codex

So last week Ronaldo and I roll up to Battlegrounds and Ben kindly concierges us a doubles match vs some Teen Ages.

Generational Fight! Old Dude vs Kids!

The secret to any good doubles match is communication.
I might not have actually told Ronaldo that I was playing Kroot and that means no Broadsides.
And his list was all like "Gundam John brings rail guns."
And I'm "My Kroot all have Double Fleet!"

Team Whippersnapper plunks down a Monolith and a Furioso.

We have a mega-pile of Kroot and 3 marines with Plasma pistols.

Long Story Short:
My Kroot assault the stuffing out of everything on the table repeatedly and well.
The shooter Kroot hide in the forest and mostly ignore the Monolith's shooting while the Assault Hound Squad eat every non-Monolith or Furioso on the table.

We call it a draw as the young'en needed to go home.


So TempleCon, a wee bit late.

Round 1 vs Dean's BA.
He holds everything back in reserves and comes on piece meal fearing the Tau long range fire power. Had he read over the list he'd realize there is none as I'd traded it out for FNP negating plasma and melta. I pop some but not enough armor. He gets to close combat and it's over.

Round 2 vs Ben's Space Wolves
Drop Pod Wolves (A Match Up from Heaven!)
Troops show up round 1 via a Drop Pod.
They get out I melta them down and turn my long range fire power towards the vindicator which gets immobilzed and weapon destroyed.

Turn 2
His command squad shows up also by drop pod again next to 24 plasma/melta guns.
They leave the board and I wreak the rest of his transports.

Turn 3
The Kroot come off my choice edge and massacre his Wolf Scouts which were my target unit. The Kroot horde washes across the board and slay all his troops.

Turn 4 - Maximum Win

Round 3 Vs Adam's Tau
He went first and proved how useless Hammerheads are and how good Devilfish are as cover. He had enough troops all in dedicated transports to hold objectives.
We shot missiles at each other and gushed about how Disruption pods are over powered. He had troops to harvest the objectives, I killed the shit out of his transports and Crisis Suits. He took the Primary, I took the 2ndary and Tertiary to tie.

Round 4 The Space Wolf Guy with Cheat-sized Bases.
It's really easy to get into first turn assault with a cavalry unit on ridiculously over sized bases. Kroot bog him down and I demech all but one of his units but his HQ squad gets into melee in my deployment zone. Also, my crisis suits killed themselves trying to reach the scant bits of terrain. So between my suits exploding, my not understanding cavalary and his abilty to multi-assault the entire table with his HQ I lose.

Round 5 vs DE
I blow the crap out of his ships and monsterous creature leaving only 3 transports on the board. However, I don't get the ship with the Witches and Green-thingys. They get to assault turn 1 (36 inch movement DE blows) and eat my pathfinders. I gun down the green things but have insufficent power to kill the rest of the witches.
The witches dismantle all my suits and broadsides.

His HQ melees down all my squads and I get my Kroot in the back edge and can go for a tie if it ends on 5. We go to 6 and my Kroot are decimated.