Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tau and Space Wolves Allies @ 1850

The Tau shooting was doing great.  But against Marines, it needed more AP3.
Plasma Suits are point inefficient and require up-close and personal engagement and Markerlight Support to be useful.  Enter Space Marines!  Specifically the Space Wolves as their Psychic Powers are the most shooty!

ShadowSun and the Ethereal mean the army stays on the board and it has 8 scoring units!
Any feedback is welcome!

List Tau-Marine Hybrid 1850

HQ 1
1 Shadowsun

HQ 2  
Ethereal with 9 man Firewarrior Squad

Aegis Defence Line
 Quad Gun

Squad 1 11 FireWarriors
Squad 2 11 FireWarriors
Squad 3 11 FireWarriors
Squad 4 11 FireWarriors
Squad 5 11 FireWarriors
Squad 6 11 FireWarriors

Fast Attack 16 Pathfinders
 Devilfish w/ Disruption Pod

Heavy 1
Broadside W Targeting Array
Broadside W Targeting Array
HWBSF + HWDC + 1 Shield Drones

Heavy 2
Broadside W Targeting Array
Broadside W Targeting Array
HWBSF + HWDC + 1 Shield Drones

Space Wolves
Rune Priest with:, Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf
5 Grey Hunters
Long Fangs with 4 Plasma Cannon

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WIP Iron Hand Apothecary

Picked up the GW apothecary.
It's extremely lackluster.
And I decided, old Gundam John can do better.

It's Mad-Scientist meets Surgeon.

Instead of a normal Chain Sword or Chain Axe it has a circular saw arm great for operating or melee!
I sliced off the heat vents from the backpack and replaced it with a drill on one side as 41st Millennium surgery isn't delicate and it has a nice "Repo" feel.  For the monitor/sensor I used a Target Lock from the Tau empire.  The other arm is magnetized.

Now to think about the legs and find an appropriate head.
Any ideas?

Tau Expansion: Allies


In 6e, the Tau Codex is rocking.

But it suffers from Older Codex-itis at high point levels.
Though by high point I mean over 1500 but below true 2000.

I've posted my list building else prior, so here's what I'm using for allies:

Codex Shopped Vanilla Marines, Blood Angels, Eldar, Dark Angels and finally came to Space Wolves.

Why Space Wolves?
Aside from being 1 point cheaper than their brethern they have great heavy support.

Madness you may cry from behind your keyboard, Tau have amazing Heavy Support!

Kind of.  Hammerheads are now good with a 2+ save but with the wane of mech on the table everyone wants to burst their melta all over my armor 13.

Broadsides are still amazing, 10/1 will never be bad.  In 5e I packed everyone I owned into a list.
But after they Demech your opponent or blast the Land Raider or Monolith back to the Craftworld, they're really expensive snipers with 1 shot each.  The Hammerhead's pie plate is better but not twinlinked.

I've scaled down from 3 squads of 2 because there is just less armor to nuke. 

What Tau are lacking in a point efficent manner is MeQ killing power.

Plasma-Flamer or Plasma Missile suits are great, but for the plasma to be effective you need to be up closer than you want.

64 Points per 2 shots of Plasma for a Crisis Suit @ 12 inches away.

That's expensive.  Which is Why Space Wolves!

Cause they can take Plasma Cannons in a Dev Squad.
Also a Librarian with Jaws of the World Wolf and Living Lightning.

So instead of taking an ally that can give me assault protection, I'm taking an ally for more shooting.

Hail Beserker Space Viking Werewolves!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Battlegrounds Tau 1850 Bat Rep-ish

Tournament at Battlegrounds Today.
I ran 1850 Tau.

3 Power Armor Lists.  Worst Match Ups Ever

Game 1 vs Mike (Vs Mike's Blood Angels)
Medium Victory (3 Pts off a tie)

Here was an interesting Blood Angels Strategy:
5 Drop Pods, 3 Empty, with Sternguard/Command Units doing all the work.
Only 2 scoring units of 5 man Assault Marines in Storm Ravens who would fly over and only jump out if it was safe to land.

Very effective strategy.

Lesson Learned: Ignore the Flyers

Game 2 Vs Ragnar's Blood Angels -Eldar Knights
He used The Storm Raven to drop off Death Company and the Elder have amazing cover saves.

Lesson Learned: Strike at the back lines and Eldar Burn Nicely

Game 3 Vs Brian Sisters of Battle
Lesson Learned: I need to take better care of my transports.
Also.  Deep Striking Flamers is useless.
The Tau have plenty of long range STR 5 weapons.
If you can't shoot it, it can't shoot you.
And STR 5 @ 30 inches is really good.

Also Targeting Array on Broadsides is the best upgrade ever!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tau 6e Winning List

I've gotten requests to share what I'm running.  You need to ultimately tailor the list to how you play but here's the high view of it.

Ultimately it's nothing special.

Seriously 6 squads of 12 or 11 or if you have the points 5 Squads of 12 and one giant squad of Kroot to annoy, distract or  general make a nuisance of themselves.  The Kroot will die, but it's better to have the fire focused on them instead of the Broadsides.

And Broadsides.  All your heavy support should be Broadsides.  Yes, the Skyray, Hammerhead/Ionhead looks amazingly cool, it's a futuristic space tank!  But it's just so bad by comparison to twinlinked.

Why so many Firewarriors?
60 to 72 Firewarriors are pumping out 60 to 144 shots per turn.
These shots cut through Guard, Orks, some tyranids and a few Dark Eldar as well as wounding on 2 vs some of those armies.  Vs Power Armor they're wounding on 3.  That's a lot of forced saves.

It's victory by overwhelming fire power that comes with having among the farthest firing range available.

Also, you've a pile of troops to hold objectives.

Go Forth And Win For the Great Good of Our Space Buddist Robot Overlords!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tau in 6th Edition

Back from the Battleground Invitational.

Wow, according to the internet the Tau is the 2nd worst Codex out there.
The only thing that sucks worse is Sister of Battle.

Somehow I just won a second tournament with them.
Suck it Internet!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Upcoming Tournament

1250 Tournament coming up on Saturday.

I'm bringing the Greater Good.  What a surprise!

It's a lot like the last list, only no dual ethereal, no markerlights and no Kroot.

Really wish I had an Aegis Defence Line to go with it.

Apparently one can fit 22 Terminators in at 1250 so it's going to be tough,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tau 40K: Why I Won

Here's why I won (aside from the cover in Ruins) with the lessons to learn from it.

1) It was a 2000 point tourney.  Everyone else brought 1999+1 lists.  I showed up with 12 troops and double force org.  Build your list to the tournament.

2) No one had ever seen Tau and had no idea about what an Ethereal did.  Because really, who plays Tau?  It's a suck-ass Codex right?  Everyone not Bill focused on my troop not my HQs, Broadsides or Pathfinders.  They know troops equal victory with so many objectives.  However, when I have 100 troops, that's a lot of fire to devote to them to try to take them out.  Also, everyone fell for the Suicide Ethereal.  When the comments of "Whoa, he must be good in melee if you're charging with him."  I'm not giving away my battle plan, my answers were an honest,"He's one of my best melee units in the codex."  Which is a true statement.  You don't know the rules for something ask to see the Codex.

3) In the 3rd match I won primary by 1 point.  I read the mission and was happy to grab the 2 objectives that were worth more points.  I definitely attacked the one in the center which my opponent went for, but that was worth one point.  By his latching on to it and not focusing on the nearer higher points one, he obviously hadn't read it completely.  Always read the missions carefully.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Game On: Game 3 Grey Knight-Crons

Game 3 Vs Dan
Vanguard Strike
This would get repetitive so I’ll summarize this one.
I have 58 points, he has 54 by this point
Primary: Objectives
Secondary: Kill points
Grey Knights With Necrons.

It’s a Draigo Paladin death star with Corteaz.
3 Dreadnoughts.
3 Transports with 3, 3 and 4 guys in them.
The Necron Flyer with some Deathmarks and the HQ.

It's a sparse terrain table.  I have a crater to stick Shadowsun & Ethereal in.

On my side I have a tiny crater, a mini farm house and a fallen pillar for cover.  The center of the table has a house as does my front left.  He's got a grave yard on his side.  The objectives are 1 in the center 1 in each deployment zone and 2 diagonally from the center.  There is a forest next to the house on my right.

I string out my gunline to cover the objectives as best I can.  The HQ takes cover and my broadsides have a decent fire arc.  It's Grey Knights, he has a 24 inch fire reach.  I have 72 to 30.  He's got to come to me if he wants to win.

I seize, Corteaz makes me reroll.  I do not seize twice.

Turn 1.  
He pops my empty transports and focuses on shooting my troops, Kroot are murdered.
I don’t think he understood how many Troops I had.  Corteaz perils twice and takes 2 wounds.

I get my Ethereal to charge the Draigo-star and he gets overwatched into Oblivion.  The army supercharges!

I shoot the death star, about 1000 shots into it.  Dan-Draigo's Paladins only takes a wound on a “1” from Firewarriors and can FNP most of that away and “Look out Sir!” them around.
For 3 turns I pile on wounds that get parceled around and FNP.  Everything is going into this! 

If I can break Draigo’s Paladins I will win.  If Draigo closes to assault he wins.  It’s that simple.
I ignore the Dreadnoughts who start taking out my troops strung out on the on the right.

Markerlights on the Paladins, broadsides open up first rail and missiles, rapid fire next, single shot Firewarriors after that.  The railguns and missile eventually finish off all the Paladins on the 4 turn.

*Having fought Bill’s army way vital to this match as I refined the cracking of a deathstar.  And Bikerz aren’t as bad as Draigo.

Turn 3
His Necron flyer showed up (unless it was turn 2, it’d been a long day.)  I ignore because it’s annoying with the Tesla, not deadly to my entire army like the Paladins.

The Necrons pop up and he assaults.  Overwatch drops some punks.

Interesting thing, the Leadership manipulation was vital for this as I’d use the Squad’s leadership and they have a better Initiative than the ‘Cron so I could run away and regroup off Shadowsun.

Shadowsun also melta’d the Cron HQ down three times, but the Cron got up twice making me melta it over and over again.

Turn 4
Finish off the Apothecary and Corteaz.  It also saw me start running Firewarriors towards the objectives.

Turn 5
The Cron are down, Draigo’s Paladins are vapor and my broadsides start hitting the transports and Dreads.  Also it’s night fighting.  Bad for him and his dreads, good for the Blacksun filters on the Broadside and the markerlights!

Turn 6
We go into 6.  He’s got 2 troops on the objective in the back field, 1 in the center and 3 more near the building in the center.  I blow up his transport and take out 1 more guy.  Broadsides lay into the troops who go to ground for a 2 up.  My Firewarriors run and make it to the two on my side of the board.

I can’t take out his last Dread nor can I finish off his last 1 guy in the central building nor the 2 outside of it.

It ends.  I would have tabled him in 7.

However, the center objective was worth 1, the others worth 2.  I knew that.  Dan didn’t.  It was in the packet and in the rules but it’d been a long day.

I win primary.  He gets secondary by 2 units.  I get all but 1 bonus point.

Victory: For the Greater GOOD!

Game On- Game 2: Ork-Guard

At lunch Bill and I chat, the only match we don’t want is each other.
Thus of course:

Game 2 vs Bill
Dawn of War
Primary: Area Control
Secondary:  Objectives
Colossus, Manticore, 3x Chimera

On the Strategic Chart I roll “Gain Stealth in Ruins” the entire table is made of ruins.  This wins me the game.

The terrain is: a big tower in the center, two towers on my side with one in the middle back.
Cathedral-ruins in all 4 quarters.   A very symmetrical ruin laden table.

I put one of the Kroot squads as close to his parking lot of Tanks as I can to keep his switching fire, he knows if he focuses the wrong way it’s 30 attacks on rear armor.

Bill has the Bikerz on my left and the parking lot of tanks on the right.
(I forgot to take pictures at this point)

I set up ShadowSun and the Ethereal behind a tower out of LOS.

It’s 2 squads of 9 firewarriors on either side of them them with a pathfinder team on the left.
A Broadside team is in the cathedral ruins to the left, right and center.  Firewarriors are in the left and rightside ruins with a devilfish on either side so 2 of the 6 man teams can embark after the shooting stops.

Turn 1
Bill unleashes hell as templates rain from the sky and the Bikers get closer ready for turn 2 assault.  Kroot die as does a shield drone.

I start peppering the Bikers with fire. “Look out Sir!” and FNP mean the few wounds are passed around.  I move my Firewarriors to screen the HQ Combo and limit assault ability.
My Ethereal charges the Bikerz, dies and the Army Super Charges.

Turn 2
More templates, some FW are lost, and another drone gets popped.  Again the Stealth Ruins are amazing.  The Bikers move in and fall 2 inches short of the assault after killing most of a squad.
A vendetta arrives and takes out some more Firewarriors.

The Boss with a 6 toughness is incredibly hard to take out as I can’t one shot him with a Railgun.
I unleash everything on the Bikerz.  If I get multiassaulted which is likely as I’m clumped up, he wins that turn.  

As he moved in between ruins towards my Firewarriors with the Boss & Bikerz he presents the side bikers to clear close shots from the broadsides.  The Pathfinders light the Biker up so I can open up with all the BS weapons.  ShadowSun leaps out and inflicts 2 wounds.  The broadsides open up with Rails and Missile from both sides thinning down the numbers.  I put in a seeker missile for good measure. The horde of Firewarriors finish them off.

Turn 3
More Pie Plates OF DOOM! from Bill and some back and forth with troops.  The other vendetta and Ork fighter show up at this point.  He thins out some of troops by a couple of heads.
The firewarriors start advancing on the objectives as my Broadsides, freed up from the Death-Star get Markerlight support from the pathfinders to start taking out tanks.  

I spackled most of the tanks except the Manticore which only has 1 shot left at this point.  My firewarriors begin to drop his IG Troops and the left and right flank devilfish fill with FW and start moving up

Turn 4
The vendettas/Ork jet lower squad size for the Firewarriors and the Broadsides are still fine.  The manticore is empty.
My Firewarriors march towards the objectives and the Devilfish moves to quarters.  Then I pop the remaining tank with Broadsides and take out the 2 flyers.  The Firewarriors finish off the Guard Troops and with only a Colussus left on the board Bill surrenders.

Max Points.

Game On Bat Rep 1: Tau vs Blood Guard

2000 points 
We’re running the Feast of Blades Missions
The big thing is I brought a 2000 point double force org chart.  Everyone else brought a 1999+1 list even though it was a 2000 point official event.  12 Troops choices?  Hell yeah!

Game 1 vs Mike
Scenario: Vanguard Strike
Primary: Kill Points
Secondary: Table Quarters

Blood Guard (ie Blood Angels with Guard Allies)
2x Land Raiders with Tact Squads
Multiple Guard Squads with a pile of Auto cannons and a librarian for the reroll
Storm Raven with 5x Terminators
Aegis Defense Line

I put my Tau back far enough to tap his gunlines and my broadsides are in cover with good overlapping arcs of fire.  My HQs are safely nestled in cover for a 2+ and I've a Kroot screen out front with the remaining units behind him.

He’s pressed forward against the diagonal line so his auto cannons can reach.
The Tau have a longer range than the Guard so I deploy as shown.
In fact he’s so far forward I can put my Kroot squad behind him!

Mike goes first
Turn 1
He starts moving his guard squads forward and moves the Land Raider out of cover to deal with the Kroot who otherwise would cripple the mortar squads.  The other land raider moves forward towards my gun lines.

The landraider kills 5 Kroot and the guard line kills a few more.

Move the Ethereal up, and I start the 5 remaining back field Kroot towards the Autocannons.

I lay into the Landraider with broadsides and kill it popping out a Termy Librarian with SS/Th and his squad.  The back row FW pop off everyone but the Libby.  I plink down some more of the advancing Guard.

I charge my Ethereal at the Guard Squad who gun him down and make all my saves super charging the army.  Lasgun shot to the head for the greater good!

Turn 2
Mike finishes off the Kroot and his Storm Raven comes in and takes some shots killing a BS Team Shield drone.  His guard units continue to walk into a hail of fire taking heavy casualties.
His Termy-Libby declares assault and dies spectacularly.

Now all I've done, aside from murder my HQ in cold blood and lose some Kroot is stand there an shoot.  It works well with all those markerlights and rerollable "1's."

The land raider comes out of cover again and the Broadsides pop it pinning the Squad inside as the explosion kills 2 of them.  The Stormraven gets immobilized and locked speed.  Most of his units have gone to ground for a better save.

Turn 3
The termies exit the Stormraven before it leaves the board and scatter 7 inches away towards the board edge and no where near my army.
The broadsides tear through the 2 SS/TH upfront and the FW take out 2 of the Claws before returning to picking off the guard.  All the guard squads that had been heading towards me are dead.  His landraiders are toast.  The termies are well out of assault distance and all I’ve lost are some Kroot.

He surrenders.

Max points.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Game On RI Tournament

With a quick note, I'll get the Bat Rep written soon.

The Greater Good placed first!

I won a tournament!

2000 points, double force org!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

6e learnings

Thing #1 to Remember: Firewarriors can move and shoot!

Tau Vs Chaos: 1500 Point Rumble

Thursday I played Frosty's Chaos Marines @ 1500 points with my Blind-Folded Ethereal List.

He's packing a Land Raider, a Demon Prince, Beserkers, Defiler and Troops.

It's 12 inch deployment and 5 objectives.

I deploy first but he steals the initiative.

I've a gun line centered out from ShadowSun with FW wraps around my Broadside teams and the Kroot as close forward as I can put them.

Here's the interesting part:
Frosty knows I want the Ethereal dead to bolster my army and he's doing everything he can to avoid it.
This is actually better than killing the Ethereal as it creates a 12 in bubble around him.

At one point I moved the Ethereal to get in the way of the Landraider Tiamen Square Style.  Instead of Tank Shocking which would be awesome, Frosty run the LR into difficult terrain causing some deployment issues.  At lot of time was spent in avoidance.  The Ethereal lasted till turn 3.

Turn 1, The Defiler unloads on the Kroot as does everything else killing 10 and they fall back.
It's solid plan to take out my only Close Combat Capable Troops to get the beserkers into melee with the squishy fire warriors.

Broadside take out the Defiler, I Marker light the Prince and Dakka it down.

Turn 2+ it's shooting vs advancing Beserkers.

Summary, he got a great assault in with his Termies vs my left wing of Broadsides and was able to hide his troops on a rear objective but the shear volume of fire whittled down his forces.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You Killed Kenny!

Here's the scaled down version of what I was running last week and will run tomorrow hopefully.

How to play it?  Step 1, put the Ethereal upfront and alone.
Step 2 deploy the gun nest within 18 of Shadowsun.
Use the legion of FW to shield the Broadside teams.

Toss the Kroot upfront to screen and distract.

Murder the Ethereal by any means necessary and then you're rerolling 1's like a BOSS SON! 

Blind-folded Ethereal List 1500

HQ 1 

HQ 2 
Troop 1
9 Firewarriors
Troop 2
9 Firewarriors
Troop 3
9 Firewarriors
Troop 4
9 Firewarriors
Troop 5
9 Firewarriors
Troop 5
17 Kroot
Heavy 1
Broadside 1 + MultiTracker
Broadside 2 + MultiTracke
Broadside 3 +5 MultiTracker
+5 Serg +3 HWBSF
Heavy 2
Broadside 1 + MultiTracker
Broadside 2 + MultiTracke
Broadside 3 +5 MultiTracker
+5 Serg +3 HWBSF
Fast Attack 1
Pathfinders x8 Devilfish with Disruption Pod

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Farsights' Revenge: Today's Experiment

Got in a game against Chris from Edge of Dawn today.
I tried out my Suicide Ethereal. 

Wow, it's pure cheese.  And much like cheese delicious!

It was hammer and anvil which is a boon to the Tau to start with.

I deployed all my FW teams in 4 deep gun line due to terrain with ShadowSun hiding in the back.
Put the Ethereal in the front.

Scotti was too smart to shoot him as he knew something was up.

Scotti went first and on my turn I assaulted one of his Marine Squads with the Ethereal who was immediately overwatched back to the greater good.


All my units make the save off ShadowSun and gain preferred enemy.

Used the Pathfinders to bump up the BS and then rerolled ones.
Not a lot of misses with Strength 5 weapons and rerollable 1s.

The Terminators he fielded were hard to take out but the Suicide Ethereal was priceless.

Can't wait for the next match!

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Tau Flyer Revealed!

Unit Testing

Last night I ran a Ionhead.

But madness you may say!
It's cheap points wise, have AV 13 upfront and can snapfire the burst cannons.

For low points it's a major annoyance.
I'm tempted to add Flechettes just so I can annoy the enemy more!

Tau in 6e

Last night I got in two games @ 500 in 6e.

How was it?  Tau are awesome!
Over all, 6e wound allocation is a little weird.

But Stealth Suits with their 4+ Cover Saves just for showing up?  Excellent.
The random night fighting is negated by 3 points per squad and Tau range is a beat stick.

I'm looking forward to getting some games in with my Tau army.

Also, Allies?  Jetpack Asault Marines are crazy good.  They shore up the main weakness.

Future Plans: some 1250 Gunline and Kroot Blob Testing with a leader.

The over all 6e rules could be a lot better written and simpler, but it still reads better than 5e.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tau and 6E

The interwebs are full of doom and gloom.

Here's my thoughts based on what little we've seen.

Tau are the Canadians of the 41st GrimDark Century.
They get a long with everyone (except the Nids) are are mostly ignored much like Canada.

However, I'm intrigued and cautiously optimistic about SnapFire in the pre-assault phase.
Also, Assaulting is no longer twice as good as shooting.  While power-armor fan boyz will cry to the Emperor about it, it's balance and makes Assault armies as good as shooting armies, not better.

With the SnapFire/Overwatch combined with removing casualties from the front first, there is actually a chance to stop an assault from happening.

This, if you'll forgive me, is accurate, in the trenches of WWI your opponent's had to charge in against a withering fire.  The Germans didn't just saunter over and start punching Dough-Boys without enduring some bullets in retaliation.

I've put together a Tau Gun-Line army in hopes of 6E.

While people are crying QQ allies is the broken!
You're making major sacrifices to take another HQ in the hopes of getting some tool to improve your army.
It's a substantial trade off, which it should be.

I for one will be taking some Terminators over 1500 cause hey, Tau need it baby!

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Type List

Crisis suits are awesome, they're little Gundams I get to run across the board and go pew pew pew!

However, what's the trade off?
The TL Missiles are a great set up.  But the opportunity cost is a kicker.
For the price of 6 missiles, I could have 40 Kroot shots.
Also, the Kroot have more versatility, can assault, and are troops.  Also, they're giant piles of ablative wounds.

So, where does this leave old Gundam John?
The list I'm prepping (post doubles) for next month is Kroot and Railguns.  100 Kroot equal 200 shots.
Also, the mandatory stuff like 6 Warriors and an HQ.

That's not too shabby a volume of fire that can eat Guard and 'Crons in close combat.

Another Doubles

Another Doubles Tourney with Chris from tommorrow.
It includes Forgeworld models, but the Tetra got nixed as one of it's rules if from IA8, not 2.  Ah well, had to switch things up a bit.

It's a solid list.  Railguns, Kroot and a couple of crisis suits and pathfinders.
Not nearly as elegant as tetras but oh well.

The railguns handle the big armor, the kroot shoot up infantry and the suits pop transports and pathfinders strip cover.  A pretty stock list.

The Kroot have been fantastic in play, the real MVPs, the only problem is I want to assault.
I actually cut the hounds to remove the temptation to sally forth and mix it up.

Chris has all the assault covered.

We've got synergy, practice and communication.
Should be solid.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kroot Codex

So last week Ronaldo and I roll up to Battlegrounds and Ben kindly concierges us a doubles match vs some Teen Ages.

Generational Fight! Old Dude vs Kids!

The secret to any good doubles match is communication.
I might not have actually told Ronaldo that I was playing Kroot and that means no Broadsides.
And his list was all like "Gundam John brings rail guns."
And I'm "My Kroot all have Double Fleet!"

Team Whippersnapper plunks down a Monolith and a Furioso.

We have a mega-pile of Kroot and 3 marines with Plasma pistols.

Long Story Short:
My Kroot assault the stuffing out of everything on the table repeatedly and well.
The shooter Kroot hide in the forest and mostly ignore the Monolith's shooting while the Assault Hound Squad eat every non-Monolith or Furioso on the table.

We call it a draw as the young'en needed to go home.


So TempleCon, a wee bit late.

Round 1 vs Dean's BA.
He holds everything back in reserves and comes on piece meal fearing the Tau long range fire power. Had he read over the list he'd realize there is none as I'd traded it out for FNP negating plasma and melta. I pop some but not enough armor. He gets to close combat and it's over.

Round 2 vs Ben's Space Wolves
Drop Pod Wolves (A Match Up from Heaven!)
Troops show up round 1 via a Drop Pod.
They get out I melta them down and turn my long range fire power towards the vindicator which gets immobilzed and weapon destroyed.

Turn 2
His command squad shows up also by drop pod again next to 24 plasma/melta guns.
They leave the board and I wreak the rest of his transports.

Turn 3
The Kroot come off my choice edge and massacre his Wolf Scouts which were my target unit. The Kroot horde washes across the board and slay all his troops.

Turn 4 - Maximum Win

Round 3 Vs Adam's Tau
He went first and proved how useless Hammerheads are and how good Devilfish are as cover. He had enough troops all in dedicated transports to hold objectives.
We shot missiles at each other and gushed about how Disruption pods are over powered. He had troops to harvest the objectives, I killed the shit out of his transports and Crisis Suits. He took the Primary, I took the 2ndary and Tertiary to tie.

Round 4 The Space Wolf Guy with Cheat-sized Bases.
It's really easy to get into first turn assault with a cavalry unit on ridiculously over sized bases. Kroot bog him down and I demech all but one of his units but his HQ squad gets into melee in my deployment zone. Also, my crisis suits killed themselves trying to reach the scant bits of terrain. So between my suits exploding, my not understanding cavalary and his abilty to multi-assault the entire table with his HQ I lose.

Round 5 vs DE
I blow the crap out of his ships and monsterous creature leaving only 3 transports on the board. However, I don't get the ship with the Witches and Green-thingys. They get to assault turn 1 (36 inch movement DE blows) and eat my pathfinders. I gun down the green things but have insufficent power to kill the rest of the witches.
The witches dismantle all my suits and broadsides.

His HQ melees down all my squads and I get my Kroot in the back edge and can go for a tie if it ends on 5. We go to 6 and my Kroot are decimated.