Monday, April 8, 2013

Pathfinders and 6e

So I denounced them last post.

Here's why I was wrong.
Yes, 4 sexy sexy markerlight drones for 56 points is amazing.

Pathfinders come in packs of 4, like a good micro-brew with Markerlights for 44 points each.

So it's better.

Also BS3 Pathfinders vs BS2 Drones.

The Pathfinder weapons are kind of bad, and the drones are too limited to be useful, but dang, 11 point Markerlight @ BS3? 
Thanks Great Good!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tau are the New Sexy in 6e (Tau Tips)

Tau and You in 6th Edition
Executive Summary for Non-Tau players: Take Land Raiders.
The days of 9 10/1 shots are over.
However, I'll take it as there are now so many, many options.
The Broadside is dead, long live the broadside.
Nerfed down to 8/1 weapons, they now are missile batteries.
High Yield Missile Batteries + Smart Missile Systems + Missile Drones = Holy SHIT THAT'S A LOT OF MISSILES!
Unfortunately this means a choice between Missile Batteries and Hammerheads.
Hammerheads are the new sexy
10/1 with a 1 point Black Sun Filter and a Submuntion upgrade for 5 points.
They're the new AV 13/14 killer.
Set us up the Bomb
Farsight is back. 
Why is this important?  His 7 Samurai can take unique (and kind of weird) support systems.
Also there is one called the Donkey Punch, no seriously.  Onager Gauntlet, you're getting Donkey Punched.
Ones that let the unit reroll all to hit if the bearer doesn't shoot or one that denies cover saves, again if the person doesn't shoot.
And here's the sexy, one of them lets me deny shooting to a squad within 12 inches.
And here's the C-c-c-combo:
Farsight's Minion denies your ability to shoot.
Vespids Assault (after shooting AP3 guns.)   You can't over watch.  Hammer of Wrath from the Vespid, I6 Attacks and hit and run.
If you see Farsight and a massed amount of Vespid you are about to lose Close Combat against Tau.
You've lost close Combat against the Tau and now you have to live with that.  See you Space Cowboy.

Not great. And by not great I mean balanced.  Interceptor + Skyfire is really, unkind vs flyers (and yes the Dragon is OP, we all know that) but gunning down your flyer before you get to use it is lame.
Tau can take systems to get Interceptor or Skyfire, but it's really hard to take both.  In fact the only Units who can take both are HQ Suits and the Riptide.  And that's a waste.
Are bad.  And that's okay.  All the categories have great stuff, Pathfinders have really overpriced weapons.
Are typo'd the italic text says their rifle is close combat weapons but they've lost a point of strength and an attack in close combat.  They're great for outflanking Krootoxs or once they can take cheaper Space Marine HQs, but for now, either take all of them or none.
-Gundam John