Monday, April 8, 2013

Pathfinders and 6e

So I denounced them last post.

Here's why I was wrong.
Yes, 4 sexy sexy markerlight drones for 56 points is amazing.

Pathfinders come in packs of 4, like a good micro-brew with Markerlights for 44 points each.

So it's better.

Also BS3 Pathfinders vs BS2 Drones.

The Pathfinder weapons are kind of bad, and the drones are too limited to be useful, but dang, 11 point Markerlight @ BS3? 
Thanks Great Good!

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  1. Mr Gundam, is that with a Shas upgrade and Blacksun? Im thinking at leaving them at 44 points, let them paint when they can, draw some fire, etc.