Sunday, October 23, 2011

New List

So, this is what I've been running and it pounds face.
BA and Deathwing get blown away and other Space Marine armies go down quicker than a prom date.

Yes the plasma/fusion units are pricey but ignore Armor save/FNP making them priceless.

Tau @ 2000
Here how it plays:
Turn 1 Markerlight the Big Bads/Transports
Turn 2 Markerlight the unit within 12 of your Plasma/Fusion
Turn 3 Wash rinse/repeat

HQ 1
Shas’el Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, MultiTracker

HQ 2
Shas’el TL MP (+3 BSF

Elite Team 1
3x Suits with Fusion Blaster + Plasma Rifle + MultiTracker
Team Leader + Shield Drone x2

Elite Team 2
3x Suits with Fusion Blaster + Plasma Rifle + MultiTracker
Team Leader + Shield Drone x2

Elite Team 3
3xTwin-Linked Missile Pod 1 BSF
1 Drone C (0) w/1 Gun Drone,
1 Flamer

Squad 1 6 Tau Fire Warriors
Squad 2 6 Tau Fire Warriors
Squad 3 6 Tau Fire Warriors
Squad 4 10 Kroot+3 Hounds
Squad 5 10 Kroot+3 Hounds

Fast Attack 1
Pathfinders x4
Devilfish with Disruption Pod

Fast Attack 2
Pathfinders x4
Devilfish with Disruption Pod

Heavy Support
Team 1
2 Broadsides
Twinlinked Railgun (Built in), Smart Missile System (Built in), A.S.S.
Team Leader + Target Lock
HardWired Drone Controller, 2 Shield Drones

Team 2
2 Broadsides
Twinlinked Railgun (Built in), Smart Missile System, A.S.S.
Team Leader Target Lock, HardWired Drone Controller 2 Shield Drones
TL Railgun (Built in), Smart Missile System (Built in), A.S.S.

Heavy Support Slot 3 (2 Broadsides)

2 Broadsides
Twinlinked Railgun (Built in), Smart Missile System (Built in), Target Lock
TL Railgun (Built in), Smart Missile System (Built in), Drone Controller
Shield Drones x2

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The GW Hate on

Yes, GW sucks and doesn't understand anything about the environment or community.

But will I boycott them? No, mainly because I never bought anything from them in the first place.
Tau are cheap on eBay. Spending $20 a month at the FLGS is okay with me.

It keeps the local store open so I can play there.

I like tournaments as I get to play different people.

But I have an army so I can play my friends. Do I wish they'd picked Monsterapocalyse instead? Yes, but they got into Warhammer and so did I.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Letter to GW

Reposted With Permission.
To Games Workshop,

Why? No seriously, why? I'm sure the excuse of cutting off Australasia and other countries (Canada, India, Korea, South American countries, etc.) to benefit the independent and GW store sales in Australia sounded good but unless you cut the prices here to not be a ridiculous 200% higher price than overseas, it's not going to happen. Let's look at this logically. You've stopped us from buying from stores like Maelstrom and Wayland with an embargo agreement in your Terms and Conditions (remember globalisation? how's that going btw?). Does this mean we are going to now buy at RRP in Australia or other countries? No.

There are other outlets overseas we can buy from which are still much cheaper (hi America), other companies which you cannot touch without raising a helluva lot of crap (hi ebay) and people who are willing to ship to us overseas (hello family and friends) without the 200% tax. We won't be getting as huge a discount as before but it's much better than buying here at RRP. The other option is of course going to be quitting which I imagine some people are going to do. Check out this thread on WargamerAU where a lot of people are indicating they are. The ultimate bottom line? Your bottom line suffers (more people leaving) and the retailers in Australia do not benefit.

Now I'm all for one in supporting the locals. I buy all my products such as spray paint, paints, plasticard, magnets, drills + bits, modelling putty, brushes, etc. from Australia. As an aside, do you actually stock good quality merchandise for all of those options? I don't see you selling plasticard, magnets, good sized drillbits, custom bases, etc. I'd be happy to pay a 5-10% premium on these objects compared to other stores to support your business but then again, I don't really want to support your business currently do I? The point of any business is to make a profit but the problem with your business model is you do not do this whilst concurrently supporting your customer base. We don't ask for much but a short list would look like...
  • not raising prices every year, without fail, regardless of the economic situation or inflation rates
  • basing prices around the world upon exchange rates (I wouldn't be averse to paying 20% more in Australia compared to the UK or America locally but I am adverse to paying twice as much) - there are circumstances in each country that make operating there more or less expensive but you need a base retail price for your product which is then translated by exchange rates at a given time (i.e. quarterly) rather than a price set many, many years ago. It's part of being in a global market.
  • regular and quick FAQs - you've done a fantastic job IMO of creating some pretty balanced books for 5th edition, fix the grey areas quickly.
  • official erratas - man up and admit you've made mistakes (hi Tyranids) and work on erratas that are official and re-print the books with these amendments. Admitting a mistake and fixing it isn't a problem and I'd applaud you for it. Ignoring a problem is.
  • fix Fantasy - you did it with 40k, why go backwards with Fantasy?
  • don't think your customer base is moronic - the resin re-cast to be cheaper than metals whilst hiking prices, not fooling anyone.
Ultimately people in Australia and other countries go overseas for their Games Workshop products for a reason: it's significantly cheaper (I.e. half price). What motivation is there to therefore buy from our locals when you aren't treating your customers with loyalty and support? People will walk away and your bottom line will hurt. A simple solution: care about your customers. Change the Australian (and other countries) prices so they are at least similar to the UK and US. This doesn't have to be the exact same price but some parity would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a quick example. If you could buy a similar product for $45 compared to $150, what would you do? How about if the product was the exact same but if you ordered it overseas it was $80 compared to $150 by the time it reached your door step? I'm pretty sure you'd want to take the cheaper option correct? For you as a company, you make your profit margin through the reseller regardless of where it is purchased. You may make more money off a direct sale at an Australian store compared to an Internet sale from the UK but you have already achieved the profit margin from the Internet sale already. The Australian stores may be hurting but this is down to the initial price you have set, not market trends. Simply put, you are alienating customers from a large and developing market.

I and many of the readers here obviously enjoy your game. We've played it through thick and thin (4th edition...) or come back thanks to an improvement game balance (5th edition) and don't want to leave. We will though sooner or later if you keep piling on idiotic choices on us. Other companies like Privateer Press did very well in the early to mid-2000s for a reason and people will migrate to other gaming systems if you continue to mistreat them and their loyalty.

As it stands I question why you do the things you do. Raising prices every year annoys me but I cannot complain too loudly as your products are a luxury item but you do not provide excellent customer service one usually expects with such goods. I certainly find minimal fault with your staff or when your product is damaged/faulty but your overarching business model seems counter-intuitive to maintaining a customer base. Even if you are getting a large amount of new customers imagine how much better off your company would be if you had maintained a significant portion of your repeat customers. The model you are running currently to me does not seem sustainable as your turnover rate in customers is just too high. I applaud your efforts in making 40k 5th edition a more competitive game but what you've done to Fantasy 8th edition doesn't bode well for the future.

Please, look to satisfy both the shareholders and the customer rather than just the former.


P.S. Anyone who agrees with this, I would greatly appreciate this being re-posted on your blog so we might actually garner GW's attention and hopefully move forward together. That is the ultimate goal, I want Games Workshop to succeed as a company so I can continue to enjoy the gaming systems I do but to do that, Games Workshop must look at altering their business model in the long run to maintain a steady customer base.

Tau What?

So I'm now a father.
Yeah, I hope to be able to now play once a month instead of once a week!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Doubles Bat Rep Blood Angels and Tau

Game 1 vs. Blood Angels and Guard

These guys were playing kind of a theme thing with Flyers. 2
Vendettas and 2 Stormravens. Main objective was a modified victory
points. You get 10 points for each player you take 500+ points from.
We had 500 from each after our second round of shooting. After 5
turns my partner had given up 455, and I lost whatever 70 points for Kroot. So yeah. Thnx for max points.

Game 2 vs. Dark Eldar and Guard
4 Objectives (objectives in your own DZ worth 2, in your opponent's
worth 8) This game went really bad for us the first 2-3 turns. When
Guard and Dark Eldar go first it is an uphill battle. Lost most of BA
honor guard and all transports were immobilized or stunned after the
first turn. Tau aren't mobile, so there was just no getting through
the eldar to get their objectives. Also they picked great terrain
with the first time. Considering we had no control over these factors
and that they pummeled us with shooting and some devastating turn 2
assaults from 2 squads of DE with 10 power weapons each, I was shocked
we turned things around.

The turning point was the Tau surviving assaults for over a round,
bogging down the DE for a full turn and not dying until it was the
opponents next assault phase. This allowed us to get crisis suits,
fire warriors and sternguard into a position where we could slaughter
everything they had in our deployment zone that was not engaged during
the first round, then slaughter the DE right after they won the close

We ended up holding our objectives and they held theirs. We ended up
winning the secondary, which was kill points.

memorable moments. Mephiston flies across the board with fire chicken
wings into a mob of 30 guard infantry and inflicts 6
wounds...leadership failed, swept, wait for him to take 30 models off

Game 3 vs. Dark Eldar and Daemons

Modified Quarters, kill points were secondary

While the last game we were fighting the board and going second more
than our opponents, this game was all about facing off two very good
players. Same duo that won the first doubles tourney at the FLGS I believe,
and one of the two guys we played against in the last doubles.

Again we have to go second. Daemons get the good wave, but some
pretty lousy scattering for him. DE stay back in their 5 or 6
skimmers and just pick things off with lances. We castled up a
corner giving us space behind our ranks to fall back into from the

We smashed the crap out of the daemons as they came down, but they
managed to do their job by keeping us boxed in and wiping out most of
the blood angel meat wall. At this point we discovered
a very fundamental whole in our list. Our long range guns are also
our anti monstrous creature guns. With all of our rail gun shots
blasting the daemon prince and 2 groups of bloodcrushers, we didn't
have anything shooting at the 3 raiders and 2 ravagers that were
picking away at us the whole time. By the time we mopped up the
daemons we did not have the mobility or strength to hold a second
quarter or to try and contest a third. The game ended with them
having 2 quarters easily held, 1 contested and we had another.

This game was a slug fest and fun despite the loss. BA had nothing on
the table on turn 6. The daemon player had 2 troops units left. I
had plenty to hold our quarter and we could contest with a
transport, but the dark eldar player had most of his army still in
transports on the board. I like this kind of loss (if I have to like
any kind), because I think we played well, the dice were pretty
average, and the only mistake was the composition of our army.

Overall: Another great Battleground Games event.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yay for Failure!

I really hope GW never reads Advanced Tau T.
The vibe of "how dare dare we get CC units!" makes my eyes melt.

Cause it's great to spent 1 out of 3 game phases sitting on my thumb.

The "There are many ways to delay the enemy from closing" retorts are 10 gallons of stupid.
More or less you accept your opponent will get into Melee, then you die. Quickly.

Feeding my opponent Piranhas, Kroot, Pathfinders, Transports, etc isn't a solid strategy, it's delaying melee and loosing good units.

Other armies don't feed their opponents troops, they make their opponents earn their Victory Points.

When was the last time you heard a SM player say, "Oh no! Better throw a tank at them to slow them down!" I'm pretty sure what they said was, "Eat my Goram Thunderhammer Xeno!"

GW: Thank you for making the Codex better so we can play all three phases of the game.

If ATT asshats don't want to use the new units, they are welcome to continue the pity circle jerk.
I welcome our Space Midget Brethern!

Getting Ready!

Tomorrow night I try out my 1250 Doubles list.
It's weird by Tau standards but should complement Space Marines well.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ruminations on Rumors

The new Grey Knights releases and the rumors of the Tau make me reach one conclusion:
Privateer Press will launch a Space miniatures game in the next Year.

How did I get to that conclusion? The Grey Knight's release (SPACE MONKEY!) and the Power Loader from Aliens Dreadknight combine and the Tau alien allies feels very "spacey."

Warhammer 40K does not feel spacey most of the time. The Knight Captain's don't teach green-skinned alien women to love, they set them on fire and purify the mutant's world.

The Warhammer 40K tech, most of it, feels like a World War 2 fight mixed with heavy metal.
"In the Grim Future, things are retro." Marines ride around in tanks and punch people. Not very futuristic is it?

Giant Robot suits and cyborg species yes! Tanks with treads and guys on wheeled bikes? No.

So the Grey Knight stuff is actually Futuristic, the Tau are rumored to get a HQ that lets us field more Robots! There are some aliens to go with the Tau for a multi-alien alliance. It's FUTURISTIC!!!!

Which lets face it is a change.

And why change now? Games Workshop, as anyone who has been a customer for more than 5 minutes knows they do not change. Like ever, they only ever change their prices for the higher.

So why actually make a change now? Hordes/War Machines is taking a bite out of their player base, but it's a different style game, it's fantasy/Steampunk-esque.

Therefore why change the Golden Goose? Something is coming to challenge it.
And I'm betting it's from Privateer Press and it will be a VERY futuristic game with multiple different alien races and Super Science.

Dude, Lag

Sorry about the lag, I'm about to become a Dad. and birthing classes ate my WH40K time.
Hopefully I'll get in some WH40K time for the next month and a half.

Tau Rumors

I apparently had a mental break down and posted to ATT.
While everyone on the forum is screaming "HOW DARE THEY GIVE US A CC UNIT!" because they like to lose and enjoy when toddlers beat them for their lunch money, it's about time Tau became less of a glass cannon.

The rumors make a lot of sense.

Adding another troop with CC shores up the Tau's main weakness.
While people can shout about Space Dwarves all they want, if it makes the army better and gives the Tau a unit better in CC than Kroot Hounds it's about time.
Feel free to scream "It doesn't fit the Tau!" but no one likes losing and it allows a weakness to be patched without changing the core of the Tau identity.

As for the Crisis Suits as troops; it makes sense from an army construction standpoint and from sales.
If the rumors of new models are indeed true, GW needs to sell them. With the amount of old Crisis Suits readily available most devoted Tau players already have their 12+ to field in an army.
Making them troop choices like the SM: Deathwing Termies means the player maybe able to field circa 30 of them and therefore *have to* buy 18 more. And thus sales.

These rumors are plausible. I would mention how it'd be nice to get some Kroot Psykers, but that would be wishlisting and I'd get scolded by the mighty Tau Overlords of ATT.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Back from TempleCon.
The short report is:
Lost 1 Game (Verse the Guy who eventually won the singles) and either won or tied my games.
More on that later.
My record going into TempleCon
W/T/L: 18-1-2
Post: 22-2-3

More to follow

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tua Holiday Wish

If I could see 1 change in the new Codex:

Pathfinders with Jet Packs. No dedicated Transport, just jet packs. If we can strap a jet pack to a Frisbee, we can give them to Pathfinders.

If I could change 2 things.
Pathfinder Jet Packs and more weapon selection on Troops.

#3 Pathfinders as Troops

New Chaos Bat Rep

"Look Rise, Chaos." Skippy the Firewarrior said.
"Seriously? Again? It's the third time in a row." Sha'so Z'ro replied.

Not much to say.
He fielded 4 Land Raiders, 1 Predator, 1 Rhino.
3 Termies in 2 of the Land Raiders and 3 Squads of Chaos Marines.

Tau go First
Turn 1) 4 Land Raiders and 1 Predator vanish in a haze of railguns.
Turn 2-5) Moping up.
I lost 1 Piranha and tabled him.