Sunday, July 29, 2012

Farsights' Revenge: Today's Experiment

Got in a game against Chris from Edge of Dawn today.
I tried out my Suicide Ethereal. 

Wow, it's pure cheese.  And much like cheese delicious!

It was hammer and anvil which is a boon to the Tau to start with.

I deployed all my FW teams in 4 deep gun line due to terrain with ShadowSun hiding in the back.
Put the Ethereal in the front.

Scotti was too smart to shoot him as he knew something was up.

Scotti went first and on my turn I assaulted one of his Marine Squads with the Ethereal who was immediately overwatched back to the greater good.


All my units make the save off ShadowSun and gain preferred enemy.

Used the Pathfinders to bump up the BS and then rerolled ones.
Not a lot of misses with Strength 5 weapons and rerollable 1s.

The Terminators he fielded were hard to take out but the Suicide Ethereal was priceless.

Can't wait for the next match!

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Tau Flyer Revealed!

Unit Testing

Last night I ran a Ionhead.

But madness you may say!
It's cheap points wise, have AV 13 upfront and can snapfire the burst cannons.

For low points it's a major annoyance.
I'm tempted to add Flechettes just so I can annoy the enemy more!

Tau in 6e

Last night I got in two games @ 500 in 6e.

How was it?  Tau are awesome!
Over all, 6e wound allocation is a little weird.

But Stealth Suits with their 4+ Cover Saves just for showing up?  Excellent.
The random night fighting is negated by 3 points per squad and Tau range is a beat stick.

I'm looking forward to getting some games in with my Tau army.

Also, Allies?  Jetpack Asault Marines are crazy good.  They shore up the main weakness.

Future Plans: some 1250 Gunline and Kroot Blob Testing with a leader.

The over all 6e rules could be a lot better written and simpler, but it still reads better than 5e.