Friday, May 25, 2012

New Type List

Crisis suits are awesome, they're little Gundams I get to run across the board and go pew pew pew!

However, what's the trade off?
The TL Missiles are a great set up.  But the opportunity cost is a kicker.
For the price of 6 missiles, I could have 40 Kroot shots.
Also, the Kroot have more versatility, can assault, and are troops.  Also, they're giant piles of ablative wounds.

So, where does this leave old Gundam John?
The list I'm prepping (post doubles) for next month is Kroot and Railguns.  100 Kroot equal 200 shots.
Also, the mandatory stuff like 6 Warriors and an HQ.

That's not too shabby a volume of fire that can eat Guard and 'Crons in close combat.

Another Doubles

Another Doubles Tourney with Chris from tommorrow.
It includes Forgeworld models, but the Tetra got nixed as one of it's rules if from IA8, not 2.  Ah well, had to switch things up a bit.

It's a solid list.  Railguns, Kroot and a couple of crisis suits and pathfinders.
Not nearly as elegant as tetras but oh well.

The railguns handle the big armor, the kroot shoot up infantry and the suits pop transports and pathfinders strip cover.  A pretty stock list.

The Kroot have been fantastic in play, the real MVPs, the only problem is I want to assault.
I actually cut the hounds to remove the temptation to sally forth and mix it up.

Chris has all the assault covered.

We've got synergy, practice and communication.
Should be solid.