Saturday, October 13, 2012

Battlegrounds Tau 1850 Bat Rep-ish

Tournament at Battlegrounds Today.
I ran 1850 Tau.

3 Power Armor Lists.  Worst Match Ups Ever

Game 1 vs Mike (Vs Mike's Blood Angels)
Medium Victory (3 Pts off a tie)

Here was an interesting Blood Angels Strategy:
5 Drop Pods, 3 Empty, with Sternguard/Command Units doing all the work.
Only 2 scoring units of 5 man Assault Marines in Storm Ravens who would fly over and only jump out if it was safe to land.

Very effective strategy.

Lesson Learned: Ignore the Flyers

Game 2 Vs Ragnar's Blood Angels -Eldar Knights
He used The Storm Raven to drop off Death Company and the Elder have amazing cover saves.

Lesson Learned: Strike at the back lines and Eldar Burn Nicely

Game 3 Vs Brian Sisters of Battle
Lesson Learned: I need to take better care of my transports.
Also.  Deep Striking Flamers is useless.
The Tau have plenty of long range STR 5 weapons.
If you can't shoot it, it can't shoot you.
And STR 5 @ 30 inches is really good.

Also Targeting Array on Broadsides is the best upgrade ever!